Aeratron Fan AE2 Series


Aeratron AE2 series Fans.

Inspired by nature, this model uses less than 2 Watts on low speed (120V) and with up to 900cfm/Watt, the AE2 uses only a minute 1/2000th of the energy used by a small, conventional air condition system to cool you down, for example at night time, silent and healthy.

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Energy Efficient The AE2 will keep you cool using less power than it takes to charge a phone. Every Aeratron ‘EnergyStar Most Efficient’ ceiling fan features advanced DC motor technology and our patented self-balancing rotor.

Quiet – Our trademark feature is the Aeratron Airfoil Blade. High efficiency fans move through the air with less effort, therefore less energy. This Silent Performance is what sets us apart.

Control – We supply a Remote Control with every fan to control 6 forward and reverse speeds, as well as our optional 6W LED light.

Versatile – Use as an Indoor or Outdoor* Ceiling Fan you are still covered by our 3 year + 30 year motor warranty.

*When used with the AE-EXT Extension Kit


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