Energy efficient, HVLS industrial ceiling fan.

Save up to 30% on energy consumption

Safe and reliable design

Silent and efficient

Customizable designs


Energy efficient ceiling fans for residential and commercial use.

Silence Inspired by Nature

Designed for Efficiency and Beauty

Sustainable Technology

Exceptional Airflow

Truly silent, energy-efficient ceiling fans .

The world’s most eco-efficient, silent ceiling fans. Efficient by design, silent by nature.
Up to 50% Energy Savings in tandem with A/C & heating systems.
For Residential & Commercial use.


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IWATA or Aeratron what should I use?

IWATA Evaporative Coolers & AERATRON Ceiling Fans, what should I use? The continual progression of climate change only means one thing- we have to continue finding ways to battle it and exercise our responsibility to save the planet. There are a lot of ways stop climate change. Eco-friendly versions of the products we use now flood our market and a lot more are still to come. Practical lifestyle changes have been recommended countless time and one of the most constant suggestions is.

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Big Ass Fan versus MAKO

Big Ass Fan versus Mako (QD and DL series) Big Ass Fan (BAF) and MAKO are the leading players in the HVLS fan segment in the Philippines. We took the liberty of pitting a similar fan model versus our own. In most basic specifications, these fans are the same. They share the same diameter and power. Both fans also use 2 horse power motors. MAKO DL 20 MAKO QD 20 Big Ass Fan Powerfoil X2.0 Diameter 6,100 mm 6,100 mm 6,100 mm Power 1,500.

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Aeratron Summer Sale

We are on sale! 10% OFF on all Aeratron fans & accesories. FREE delivery and installation within Metro Manila. You can avail of the sale by purchasing through our online store. Our online store accepts: Credit Card payments, payment through your PayPal account, and Cash On Delivery (COD). This promo runs until April 10, 2016. How to purchase online: Go to our online shop and click on the product that you want. On the product page, select size, color options and quantity and click.

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How to save on electricity bills.

There are ways to save on electricity bills especially this summer. Now that summer has arrived, electricity bills are expected to increase significantly. As the hot weather sets in, air conditioners will need to work twice as much to keep the temperatures cool. Fortunately, there are “energy-smart” products that can help us beat the heat while cutting down on power consumption. Allow us to introduce MAKO HVLS Fans and Aeratron Ceiling Fans. These fans are designed to be energy efficient. They are.

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