MAKO HVLS Ceilign Fan

Energy efficient Industrial HVLS Fans

Save up to 30% on energy consumption
Safe and reliable design
Silent and efficient
Large coverage, massive air volume


Aeratron Ceiling Fans

The world’s most eco-efficient fan

Blade shape inspired by Nature
Designed for efficiency and beauty
Sustainable Technology
Exceptional Airflow


Industrial-grade UVc Sterilizer

For industrial and commercial use
Large area UVc Light Sterilization
Kills molds, bacteria and viruses
Rated for 50,000 hours


Things to consider when buying an HVLS fan

HVLS Fans are quite a big investment. This is the reason why when choosing what HVLS fan to use, buyers should make sure that they are getting the best value for their money. We listed some of the things that you might want to check before purchasing your HVLS fan: HVLS Fan Hub The hub …

IWATA or Aeratron what should I use?

IWATA Evaporative Coolers & AERATRON Ceiling Fans, what should I use? The continual progression of climate change only means one thing- we have to continue finding ways to battle it and exercise our responsibility to save the planet. There are a lot of ways stop climate change. Eco-friendly versions of the products we use now …

Big Ass Fan versus MAKO

Big Ass Fan versus Mako (QD and DL series) Big Ass Fan (BAF) and MAKO are the leading players in the HVLS fan segment in the Philippines. We took the liberty of pitting a similar fan model versus our own. In most basic specifications, these fans are the same. They share the same diameter and power. Both …